A safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to compressed oxygen

HVO Systems Have a Proven Track Record for Anesthesia, Respiratory, and Hyperbaric Chambers

Tired of oxygen deliveries, billing errors, the hassle of running out of oxygen, and the risk of high-pressure tanks? Modernize your clinic with systems from High Volume Oxygen. 

  • Return on Investment in as little as one year. 
  • Make oxygen on-demand. HVO will keep your tank full and ready for service 24x7.
  • Scalable packages provide the most economical system for your needs. Capacity of 20 - 200 LPM.
  • Fully automated with computerized monitoring and alarms to keep you informed via text and email.
  • Safer than high pressure gas and liquid tanks. Maximum pressure of 150 PSI. No dangerous and wasteful off-gassing.
  • Make better use of your staff's time by eliminating oxygen ordering and management responsibilities.


The HVO System is an all-in-one, perpetual oxygen compression solution that comes complete with everything you need to make your own oxygen. Each system includes a compressor, smart controller, storage tank, relay boxes and manifold lines.

  • The HVO System fully-automates the oxygen generating process. It automatically turns the compressor and the attached oxygen concentrators on and off to meet demand. Your usage determines how often the machine runs to generate oxygen. Each system is constructed of oxygen-rated, high-quality components, and is built to order with your clinic's specifications in mind. 
  • Veterinary systems include digital LEDs and an LCD panel that provide at-a-glance details about oxygen purity and tank pressure.
  • The Seeing Eye(TM) cloud-based reporting and monitoring solution provides you with email and text notifications to alert you about  issues such as a power outage, loss of Internet service, degradation of oxygen purity, and low tank pressure. In addition, this option enables you to look at a real-time graph of your system's status using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Got O2?

Our Seeing Eye(TM) IoT software allows you to view real-time graphs of your system's status on your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Get alarm notifications via email and text.

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