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I’ve been lugging oxygen bottles since 1961 as a student at Salem Community College to now as an old man who can just about wrestle them into the safety holster secured to the wall. I discussed my oxygen usage with Marc Kornbluh while we were at Salem’s International Flameworking Conference. Marc really knows his stuff! I made the decision to purchase an HVO system. I couldn’t be happier.
— Paul Stankard
If you are a full time glass worker you probably know the drill very well. Run out of oxygen, load tanks, wait for tanks, watch prices constantly rise. HVO is a great way to eliminate these headaches and stress. Simply plug in and go. I highly recommend this system.
— Chad G
I use the HVO 30 every day in my shop. It works like a charm. I feel very fortunate to have an HVO System. Thanks, Marc!
— Brandon Clark
I’ve been running my GTT Kobuki on my High Volume Oxygen system, and I love it!
— Brandon Martin
The High Volume Oxygen system is hooked up and running like a dream! If I hadn’t mentioned anything to my staff they would never have noticed a difference in how things are running. Your customer service could not have been better. Big thanks to the whole team at HVO!!!
— Eric Goldschmidt, Corning Museum of Glass
The High Volume Oxygen system works really well for me running my GTT Mirage. It maintains a tank pressure of 100 - 150 psi at up to 96% pure oxygen. I am truly impressed.
— Robert Mickelsen
We were going through eight dewars a month. Now with the HVO system, we’ve completely eliminated our use of liquid oxygen. If you’re working in a studio with two or more people, this system is as important to your setup as a torch and kiln. Thanks to Marc the magical oxygen man for innovating a game changer.
— Dustin Revere
I’ve got the HVO 60 and it works great. Flameworkers needed someone in the oxygen generator industry who is honest, with reasonable prices and has a product that can actually keep up with demand. Marc is that person. It is so nice not having to wait or pay for oxygen anymore.
— Kevin Murray
My HVO is all set up and I’m using it every day and it’s awesome. I am not dragging K tanks up two flights of stairs or paying for them or arguing with the gas company because they delivered another empty tank and I am really happy about this. Also, it’s such a pretty green color.

Thank you again for the excellent customer service.
— Kit Paulson
We went with HVO to avoid the expense, worry and hassle of using oxygen tanks. We run two mid-range and two low-range torches simultaneously and never have problems with running out of oxygen. The system is quiet and easy to maintain. I highly recommend this system for both hot glass and flameworking studios.
— Tom Kreager, Professor of Glass, Dept. Chair, Hastings College
We are proud to support this innovative American small business. Not only does this system work flawlessly, it has literally changed my life. Before this system was installed we were going through five 180 liter liquids a week. The stress of oxygen was part of my daily life. The cost of liquid tank rental, the freezing of lines and the contamination which that caused, the money lost to bleeders, inconsistent delivery and years worth of billing errors in the favor of the oxygen company are problems that have been COMPLETELY solved by this system. This is the future of lampworking. Just as important as a nice torch and kiln, is a High Volume Oxygen system.
— Mobius Glass