High Volume Oxygen Systems are Powering Major Institutions


"The system is hooked up and running like a dream! If I hadn't mentioned anything to my staff they would never have noticed a difference in how things are running. Your customer service could not have been better. Big thanks to the whole team at HVO!!!"

Eric Goldschmidt, Properties of Glass Programs Supervisor


"We had a High Volume Oxygen system installed in August 2016 in our glass studio. Our main use is for midrange torches used for sculpting glass.  The reason we went with HVO was because of the expense, worry, and hassle of using oxygen tanks. Now we just hook into the system and have no worries of running out of oxygen during our work times. We have run, simultaneously, two mid-range and two low-range torches and have never had any problems. The system is quiet and easy to maintain. I highly recommend this system for both hot glass studios and flame working studios."

Tom Kreager, Professor of Glass, Dept. Chair


"High Volume Oxygen has the best service, quality products, and great team. Thanks again for all the help. Thankful here at the Flint Institute of Arts."

Brent Swanson, Glass Programs Manager

Reasons to Use High Volume Oxygen Solutions in Your Institution

Custom Configurations

  • Each HVO system is configured to suit your organization's specific work habits and usage.

  • Configurations are available for applications as small as a single torch, and as large as a dozen or more torches.

Modular and Expandable

  • Add capacity without replacing existing components.

  • For example, add a storage tank, a "drone", or more oxygen concentrators.

Remote Monitoring and Alarms via Seeing Eye(tm) Application

  • Add the Seeing Eye Internet of Things (IoT) feature, and know the status of your system around the clock.

  • Receive notifications (SMS, email) when system values exceed preset thresholds.

  • View graphs that show oxygen storage tank pressure, oxygen purity, system operating temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

High Reliability, Low Maintenance

  • HVO systems are designed for easy maintenance to eliminate downtime and make the studio self-sufficient.

  • Change the internal filters on the oxygen concentrators annually, clean the outer filters every six months. Otherwise, just go.

Three Year Warranty on All Components

  • HVO systems are covered by a three year warranty on all components.

  • We recommend Phillips Respironics M10 Oxygen Concentrators, for which we provide a three year warranty.

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