Frequently Asked Questions

Q -- Is there financing available?

A -- Our customers have worked with Mike Maher at North Star Leasing in Vermont (802-860-3565). Mike knows our company, our products and our customer base.  In addition, we offer in-house financing to qualified buyers for 50% of the HVO System cost.

Q – Are the parts oxygen rated?

A – Yes. For safety and longevity, we use only oxygen rated, oil-free parts.

Q – Will the HVO System operate in my unheated workshop?

A – The HVO System can only operate in temperatures above 45 F and below 100 F. 

Q How much oxygen fits in a tank?

A It depends on the size of the tank and the pressure. The Standard compresses to 100 psi, whereas the Mighty Mite and MAX compress to 150 psi.

1 gallon = 0.1337 cubic feet.  1 cubic foot compressed to 100 psi is reduced to about 1/8th of its uncompressed size. 1 cubic foot compressed to 150 psi is reduced to about 1/11th of its uncompressed size. Therefore:

  • 20 gallon tank contains 21 cubic feet @ 100 psi, and 30 cubic feet @ 150 psi
  • 30 gallon tank contains 31 cubic feet @ 100 psi, and 45 cubic feet @ 150 psi
  • 60 gallon tank contains 63 cubic feet @ 100 psi, and 90 cubic feet @ 150 psi
  • 80 gallon tank contains 84 cubic feet @ 100 psi, and 120 cubic feet @ 150 psi

Q – Is there a warranty?

A – Yes. All HVO Systems and HVO Drones come with a three year warranty. New Respironics oxycons purchased through HVO are also covered by a 3 year warranty.

Q – What sort of electrical power do I need?

A – The HVO Systems run on standard household power. A dedicated circuit is required for the Master and a separate dedicated circuit for the Relay Box. We sell 3-outlet (20 amps required) and 5-outlet (30 amps required) Relay Boxes.

Q – How much does it cost in electricity to run the HVO System?

A – It costs about 70 cents in electricity to generate the equivalent of a K-tank (based on Portland, Oregon kw rates). Use our calculator to get an estimate based on your specific requirements.

Q -- How do I calculate the electrical usage of my HVO System in wattage?

A -- Add the number of components in your System (ie, oxygen concentrators, HVO Master and Drones). Multiply that number by 550 for approximate wattage. For example, a 20 Mighty Mite and 3 M10s equals 4 components. 4 x 550 = 2,200 watts. For amperage, multiply each component by 5. In this example, 4 components x 5 amps = 20 amps. When calculating usage, keep in mind that the system runs about 50-60% of the time during the course of a work day. Use our calculator to get an estimate based on your specific requirements.

Q -- What is the payback period on the HVO System?

A -- The precise payback period depends on your usage and configuration. Use our calculator to get an estimated payback period.

Q -- Over a 3 year period, how much will I save using the HVO System instead of compressed or liquid oxygen?

A -- Depending on your local oxygen costs, small shops can save around $7,000, large shops can save around $70,000. Use our calculator to get a three year Return-On-Investment estimate.

Q -- I have a question not answered in the FAQ. Whom do I contact?