If you are ready to grow your HVO System to accommodate a larger torch or additional glass blowers in your studio, your System can be expanded in the following ways:

1.  You may be able to add additional oxygen concentrators if you haven’t already reached the capacity of your Master, which is 45 lpm. 

2. You can add Drones, which will increase your compression capacity to a maximum of 45 additional lpm for each additional Drone. A Drone is exactly like the Master, but without the control system. A Drone is controlled by the same signal that controls your oxygen concentrators. Addition of each Drone will allow you to add up to 45 additional lpm of oxygen concentrators. It increases the compression and storage capacity.

3. You can add additional storage in the form of 30, 60 or 80 gallon oxygen clean tanks. Adding additional storage can greatly increase the rage time (period of exceptionally hot work, also know as the "burst flow rate") and the duration of heavy output for large prep work and millies.