Lowest Cost Dissolved Oxygen

For recirculating aquaculture and hydroponic systems, the high volume of oxygen needed is a major cost component, especially when using delivered oxygen. High Volume Oxygen has been making oxygen-generating systems for commercial applications since 2011, and is now an emerging leader in the industry. Our HVO oxygen-generating systems offer the lowest-cost per unit of oxygen on the market. The modularity of HVO systems permit you to grow your oxygen-generating capacity while preserving your original investment. The use of off-the-shelf oxygen concentrators facilitates redundancy, increases reliability, and lowers the overall cost.

Safe, Reliable, and Natural DO

HVO's approach to DO is to avoid chemicals (such as hydrogen peroxide), poisonous gases (such as ozone), and small-scale / high-cost electrolysis, favoring a safer, more natural, and effective method: compression.  According to Henry's Law, dissolved oxygen in water increases in proportion to atmospheric pressure. This is the principle behind our Nano-Bubbler, which combines water and oxygen under pressure to create high levels of DO. 

Our Dissolved Oxygen Products

HVO oxygen-generating systems

60 Liter per minute system with 80-gallons of storage

60 Liter per minute system with 80-gallons of storage

A scalable oxygen-generating solution that comes complete with everything you need to make your own oxygen. Each system includes a compressor, digital logic controller, storage tank, relay boxes and manifold lines. It is also available with the Seeing Eye(TM) Cloud Monitoring Service.

  • The HVO System fully-automates the oxygen generating process. It automatically turns the compressor and the attached oxygen concentrators on and off to keep pace with demand.

  • Your usage and configuration will determine how often the machine runs to generate oxygen. Generally, systems should be configured with enough capacity to exceed the peak anticipated flow rate.

  • Each system is constructed of oxygen-rated, high-quality components, and is built to order with your operation’s specifications in mind.

  • Aquaculature systems include an LCD/LED panel that provides at-a-glance details about oxygen purity and tank pressure.

  • The Seeing Eye(TM) cloud-based reporting and monitoring solution provides you with email and text notifications to alert you about issues such as a power outage, loss of Internet service, changes in oxygen purity, and low tank pressure. In addition, this option enables you to look at a real-time graph of your system's status using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Dissolved Oxygen Process Controller (DOPC)

The Dissolved Oxygen Process Controller (DOPC) is the brain of the HVO DO system. It measures DO saturation, water temperature, TDS and pH. These measurements are stored in the cloud every 10 seconds. The DO sensor readings are matched with high and low DO setpoints to maintain saturation within a configurable range.

When DO falls below the low setpoint, the DOPC energizes the AC and DC (coax) outlets for transmitting power and/or signals to various connected components. When the high setpoint is reached, the DOPC turns off power to the connected components. The components may include an HVO High Pressure Nano-bubbler, an HVO Flow Controller, an HVO Oxygen Generating system, and PSA oxygen concentrators. Measurements stored in the cloud are used for remote monitoring and notifications via email and text message. This enables you to record and constantly monitor dissolved oxygen levels so that you can respond immediately to changes in conditions.

  • Dimensions: 10.5" x 6.25" H x 6.25" D

  • Weight: 8 lb 2 oz

  • Power: 120 vac, 15 amps with 20 amp breaker

  • Features: 3 AC outlets @ 5 amps ea, 2 DC outlets @ 24v ea

High Pressure DO Nano-Bubbler

Our Nano-Bubbler reduces oxygen usage to facilitate the efficient transfer of gas to DO. With bubble-stones, ceramic diffusers and electrolysis solutions, the large bubbles produced will travel to the surface and return to the atmosphere. The Nano-Bubbler combines water and oxygen under pressure to produce bubbles that are so small, they’re practically invisible. This enables rapid and nearly complete saturation of oxygen, producing levels up to 600% or 54 mg/L at 70 F (results are dependent on TDS and temperature).

The product has a 3/8" OD push-to-connect for 100 PSI oxygen input, a 3/8" OD push-to-connect for DO output, and two fresh water inputs -- one with a 3/8" push-to-connect and the other with ball-valve controlled garden-hose fitting. The nano-bubbler produces up to 100 GPH / 2,405 GPD in "recirculation mode", and 200 GPH /  2,880 GPD when attached to a pressurized water source.

For large scale applications, multiple nano-bubblers can be connected in a single system configuration.

  • Dimensions: 15.5" W x 15" H x 13.5" D

  • Weight: 43 lb

  • Power: 120 vac, 5 amps

  • Features: 3/8" push-to-connect, ball valve with 1/4" MPT