Invest in making your own. It pays.

The calculator will show you:

  • Your Return on Investment (ROI) period, i.e. how long until your system has paid for itself.
  • Systems that are optimized to provide the best cost/benefit ratio.
  • Configurations that use our new MAX product, which supports up to six 10 LPM oxycons per compressor.
  • Systems that support a sustained flow of up to 240 LPM.

NOTE: Veterinary systems have special features and are priced separately. Please contact us for more information.

K-Tank Calculator

Liquid Oxygen Calculator


  1. The configurations produced by this tool are for illustration only. Contact Us to ensure that you get the best configuration for your needs.
  2. Remember to account for the cost of downtime in your shop due to bleeders, as well as unavailability of tank delivery on weekends and holidays. We estimate that, on average, 5-10 work days per year are lost for these reasons. The HVO™ System ensures that oxygen is always available.
  3. New HVO systems and oxygen concentrators purchased through HVO are covered by a three year warranty.
  4. The burst flow rate is a rate that exceeds the maximum LPM capacity of all connected oxygen concentrators for a limited period of time. The greater the HVO™ System's compressed oxygen storage capacity, the longer the burst rate can be sustained. You can increase capacity by adding storage tanks and drones.
  5. Electricity cost is factored into the calculation of return-on-investment at a rate of 12 cents per kilowatt hour, which is the US national average. To check US rates, visit this link. The cost-of-power calculation assumes an eight hour work day, during which the system is generating oxygen 100% of the time. This is a high estimate, as HVO systems typically charge your tanks and then turn off as you use the supply of generated oxygen.